Season One: School Days

John Vachon, rural school girl in San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943, Library of Congress, Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Collection 12002-56 (DLC) 93845501.

What Do Kids Want?
The Logic Behind Teaching Kids to Hate Drinking and Love Playing

Episode One

Released September 15

Are Students Tiny Capitalists?
Swapping Tickets, Limes, and Squirrels with School Kids 

Episode Two

Released September 15

An Unexpected School, a Revolutionary Student
A Young James McCune Smith Meets Lafayette

Episode Three

Released September 15

What Is “Phys Ed,” Anyway?
Rousseau, Penmanship, Playgrounds, and Other Educational Exertions

Episode Four

Released September 22

How Have Schools Disciplined Their Pupils?
Excesses and Inequities

Episode Five

Released September 29

What Do Young People Want from Schools? Student- and Community Led Curriculum & Social Justice

Episode 6

Released October 6

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