Season Two: Spooky Kids

Matthew Brady, R. Mead, portrait of a child, ca. 1860–1865, Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives
Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park.

Talking to Spirits
Children as Ambassadors to Otherworldly

Episode One

Released October 27

Before & After the Satanic Panic: Conspiracies and Their Consequences for Real Kids

Episode Two

Released November 10

Death, Loss, and Nightmares:
Why Photographs
of Kids Are
So Scary

Episode Three

Released November 24

Love, Return, and Resistance
Dr. Cristina Rhodes on Día de los Muertos and Latinx Activism

Episode Four

Released December 8

What Gives Kids
the Creeps?
Children as Keepers
of Fear

Episode Five

Released December 22

Topsy’s Afterlives
Dr. Brigitte Fielder on Black Girlhood,
Past and

Episode 6

Coming January 5

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